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Safety and Health Guidelines

5. 4. 2019

 Diving Conditions of Hraničná Mine Each Diver Must Meet the Following Requirements
• A valid medical examination signed by a physician.
• Valid insurance covering cave diving (e.g. DAN Silver Sport, Pro Bronze,
Pro Silver).
• A valid license concerning the respective diving (e.g. if you use Trimix - a
Trimix Card is required).
• A signed dive plan, rescue plan. They shall be signed on site.
• It is necessary to comply with the cave guidelines.
Comprehensive Dive Packing List
• Fins;
• Mask - a replacement mask;
• Hood
• Wings with a minimum volume of 20 litres;
• Twin manifold, at least 4000 litres of breathing gas or CCR appropriate for the
cave environment meeting the proper configuration;
• 2 separate first stages and second stages, a hose of a length of 210 cm; one
of the first stages must be equipped with a manometer;
• 1 dive computer;
• 1 reserve depth gauge;
• 1 main light with a minimum power of 25 W (halogen) lasting at least 1.5 times
more than the planned dive time or a comparable one;
• 2 separate backup lamps;
• 2coilofatleast20m;
• 2 cutting tools (knife, scissors, easy cut);
• Wet notes.
• Minimum 40 CUFT, 1 first and 1-second stage, pressure gauge, cut-off harness.
• Each tank shall be analysed and the analysis result shall be visibly marked on the tank.
• On each tank, the maximum depth for the gas and the owner’s identification mark shall be written.
• You are responsible for checking borrowed diving equipment. Writing your name on the equipment is necessary to prevent a confusion of equipment.
DPV Underwater Scooters
• You may only use DPV in a cave if you have a DPV certification.
• In addition to the cave certification, you must have a valid CCR or CCR
certification, and at least 50 dives with the respective CCR or SCR.
• At the same time, you are required to have enough “bailout” gas to use it for
the return from the turning point, including proper decompression.
• You must analyse the breathing gases before each dive. Each diver shall analyse the gases and record the analysis result on the spot.
• For the blend, the oxygen fraction shall be between 0.16 bar and 1.6 bar except for decompression gas, a maximum of 1.4 bar of oxygen is planned.
• You must not exceed the maximum oxygen allowable exposure limit according to nationally recognized tables.
• The nitrogen partial pressure must not exceed 4 bar.
• The recommended helium partial pressure is 10.0 bar.
• The operator of the diving site shall submit the Gas Analysis Records upon
During the entire stay in the mine, each participant is obliged to comply with the health and safety rules he/she agrees with and signs before entering the mine.
In Krnov Jan Pokorný
On 15. 11. 2018 Chairman of the Association
Rychlebská báňsko-historická společnost z.s.